PAS offers administrative, organizational and logistics services to people and companies that wish to manage their time by outsourcing this type of tasks.


We adapt to our clients’ projects.

You need us to help you TO PRIORITIZE what is URGENT and IMPORTANT...we help you to organize a busy agenda with meetings, conference calls, trips, lunches/dinners, etc. 

We can take CARE of EVERYTHING for YOU

Personal Assistant Services aim to facilitate your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL life, so you can focus on what is more important for you.


More time

to focus on your business

more freedom

to spend with your family and friends

More productivity by working on important things to grow your business


Idoia Ruiz

Senior Executive Personal Assistant

My name is Idoia Ruiz. I´m a Senior Executive Personal Assistant with more than 15 years contrasted experience in Multinational environments giving direct support to CEOs/Executive Presidents and their board of directors (Top Management). I have studied Economic Science and I hold a Master’s degree in International Marketing.

I am passionate about my work. It’s very dynamic and fast and offers challenges continuously... it requires instant decision making, problem solving, dealing with complex situations...all this is very stimulating for my professional and personal development. It gives me the opportunity to learn something new everyday, being in touch with people of different cultures  and nationalities. The challenge of finding solutions for every need is extremely enriching.

My experience has shown that Senior Managers, not to mention those who occupy positions of Presidency, CEO, Executive Director or entrepreneur, need the support of a good Personal Assistant, a true professional.

I have the ability to anticipate and solve all requirements and to do it without stress, with a (¨¨)positive attitude(¨¨); This is what, in my opinion, an intuitive and experienced Personal Assistant should offer.

Helping the manager to manage his time is an art and requires good skills...It is anticipating, making decisions according to the manager´s needs, always aiming at offering the best service. It is knowing when it is necessary to send a thank you note. Working every day trying to take care of every detail, helping to organize an agenda without stress and handling the unexpected, are some of the proposal offered by PAS 

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